Sritech Robo Club in Schools

Sritech Robo Club provides a comprehensive course on Robotics. At the club we prepare the students to take part in a National & International Robotic Competitions and find out what all they can learn from a robot. Its fun, it’s exciting and the skills you learn will last a lifetime.
The workshop on Robotics is based on LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and a complete set of Logical Robotic kit with which kids can make their own four Robots.
For the convenience of the students we conduct classes after school hours and on weekends also.

Duration of this course shall be for 4 months.

1 » Logical Robotics
» Lego EV3
6th to 9th (Minimum 20 students for each class) OPTIONAL (with Logical Kit)
MANDATORY (with Logical Kit)