About us

Welcome to Sritech Robo Club

The mandate for SRITECH is to offer world-class education on Robotics through well trained experts. The Robo club is a result of the vision and commitment of its founder, Mrs. Manjari Newar. She sought to realize this goal by providing radically new technology solutions through intensive research & development by getting support from field experts instead of making incremental changes to existing technologies.

After providing Robotics training programs in several schools, Mrs. Manjari Newar, conceived this idea to create a platform for Indian students to explore the field of Robotics in a form of club activities where the students can come together, learn and practice to clear different challenges and task given to them and thereby preparing themselves for different Regional, National and International Robotics competitions. The thought behind converting a Robotic education into a Robo club was that the students will not take it as a regular class but will take it as a club activity in which they will face different challenges and clear different levels created by us. Different categories of membership in the club makes the students be in regular touch with this field after the course throughout the year.

Sritech Robo Club partners with many schools to offer this unique training program on Robotics. We have imparted training to more than 1500 middle and high school students, around 1000 students in summer camp and around 500 have been benefitted by the training in their own clubs at Chennai, Kolkata and Bhopal. Our main aim is to spread robotics among maximum number of students by opening the Sritech Robo Club in different cities of India.