Becoming a Robotics wiz at a young age in Kolkata

Parents are eager to have their wards to develop their IQ at a young age. There are several streams present in the field of Science and technology. It is the Robotics course in Kolkata that has been captivating imagination of youngsters and parents alike. Undergoing a foundation course can help create a solid base. The young mind can be trained to become a robotics engineer as he grows up. Hence, parents need to support the child and help them join Robotics course in Kolkata. One good place that parents can plan the joining of their children is SRC. Sri Tech robotics Course has made a name for itself. It has been offering children of the age of 5 to start developing their minds. However, the Robotics course in Kolkata offered by SRC is limited to the age of 16 only.

Undergoing the course

TechKnowRobo Kit is offered by the robotics classes. It comes full workbook to assist kids create their own Logical Robots. The Robotics program in Kolkata also trains them to understand better the technological driven environments. The children can inculcate special skills with the help of the program.

SRC offers comprehensive Robotics lessons in Kolkata and helps the candidates to earn certification. It offers TechKnow EduKit and TechKnow RoboKit for making the course interesting. The TechKnow Edukit offers products that will fascinate kids with the wonders of Robotics, Scientific Discovery, Simple & Compound Machines, and much more. It will spark your kids interest in these fields. The complete Kit with the course is designed by our team of Engineers and referred by Teachers and Parents with one purpose in mind- to combine fun with learning. We offer training program in Hands on activities by using TechKnow Edukit for classes 1st to 8th. The kit comes with 8 exciting projects. We provide complete solutions for all stakeholders in the K-12 segment.

We offer Robotics by introducing SRC in schools on pan India basis which comes with a TechKnow RoboKit. With this kit students will learn to make five different kinds of logical robots without programming. Students are prepared for different competitions like Jr. FLL, FLL, IRO, South Tech Wizard, etc. They can easily participate in international, national and regional competitions.

Course timing

There are many parents who may feel that their child could be pressurized on joining. Hence, to overcome this fear and to instill confidence, SRC has taken some measures by providing quality Robotics module in Kolkata. It offers youngsters with Robotics classes on weekends and after school hours. One can avail full year, half yearly or quarterly membership as desired. SRC is known to provide the most economical Robotics course in the country. It is the only institute in the country to provide such a course to this particular age group. Special Robotics course in Kolkata is held in summer and winter holidays. This way, the candidate does not have to lose on Robotics classes in Kolkata.

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