Robotics Course & Robotics classes in Chennai

These days, students are eager to enter the hi-tech world and engineering. Robotics course & Robotics Classes in Chennai is considered to be a wonderful course. Sri Tech Robo Club is also called SRC in short among student circles. This institute offers Robotics courses to young candidates between the age of 5 and 16. It helps them to become experts and to grow up to choose this field for their further study. Through Robotics course in Chennai, they can also learn to become future robotics engineers.

Things to know about Robotics Classes in Chennai

Robotics classes in Chennai is also said to be offered as a special course to engineering students. The robotics sessions from SRC are more based upon the current advanced Lego Mindstorm EV3/NXT. Through the classes at Sri Tech Robo Club, the young candidates can learn creation of robots. By joining the Robotics course in Chennai the young minds can be trained to become experts. As they grow, they can easily avail plenty of opportunities. Moreover , they can work as high school teachers of science once they grow up.

Sri Tech Robotics course in Chennai offers an all round educational kit called TechKnow EduKit. The TechKnow Edukit offers products that will fascinate kids with the wonders of Robotics, Scientific Discovery, Simple & Compound Machines, and much more. It will spark your kids interest in these fields. The complete Kit with the course is designed by our team of Engineers and referred by Teachers and Parents with one purpose in mind- to combine fun with learning. We offer training program in Hands on activities by using TechKnow Edukit for classes 1st to 8th. The kit comes with 8 exciting projects. We provide complete solutions for all stakeholders in the K-12 segment.

We offer Robotics by introducing SRC in schools on pan India basis which comes with a TechKnow RoboKit. With this kit students will learn to make five different kinds of logical robots without programming.

Understanding the Robotics curriculum

Sritech Robo Club prepares the young minds properly. They are groomed for various international, national and regional competitions. Some of them are Jr. FLL, ,FLL, IRO, South Tech Wizard and the like. These competitions are held among the age group of 5 to 16. By joining SRC, the candidates are trained to become champions.

Joining the course

One can undergo the course either in winter or summer holidays. Sritech offers economical robotics course within the country. Membership can be availed for half-yearly, quarterly and full year basis. Students are offered all necessary study materials and references, required to qualify the course. the young students can undergo Robotics module on weekends or after class hours. SRC offers the much required guidance, practical exposure to the candidates.

Robotics Courses & Training Classes Chennai

We Do-for class 1-5

Levels Duration Activities Fee
1 – We Do 18 Hours Introduction of every components & intuitive activities in the software Rs 4900/- Including TechKnow Edukit + Taxes 14.5%
2 – TechKnow Edukit 12 Hours Total of 8 amazing experiments including a simple robot
Total levels – 2 30 Hours

LEGO EV3Courses for Class 5-9

Courses Levels Duration Activities Fee
1 & 2(Total) 40 hours(Total) - Rs 8500/- (Total + Taxes)
Level 1 20 Hours Introduction to robotics, fundamentals, application etc. and identification
of Components. Making of robots using Tag motor.
Rs 4500/- + Taxes 14.5%
Level 2 20 Hours Introduction of Sensors.Color and Touch Sensor Robots Rs 4500/- + Taxes 14.5%
Courses Levels Duration Activities Fee
1 & 2(Total) 40 hours(Total) - Rs 8500/- (Total + Taxes)
Level 1 20 Hours Introduction of Sensors.Gyro and Ultrasonic Sensor Robots. Rs 4500/- + Taxes 14.5%
Level 2 20 Hours Robots using all sensors and motors Rs 4500/- + Taxes 14.5%
Courses Levels Duration Activities Fee
1 & 2(Total) 40 hours(Total) - Rs 8500/- (Total + Taxes)
Level 1 20 Hours Advanced Programming fundamentals and its application in robotics Rs 4500/- + Taxes 14.5%
Level 2 20 Hours Robots in practical field Rs 4500/- + Taxes 14.5%

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