Robotics competition training in Kolkata offered by Sritech Academy

There are not many institutes that are known to train young kids in Robotics. SRC is the only one that offers robotics training to students of ages 6 and 16. It is now possible for kids to enjoy learning Robotics competition Training in Kolkata. The candidates are provided with an opportunity to be equipped in robotics knowledge.

Learning to become an expert

The Robotics competition Training in Kolkata offered by SRC is created for the young minds. The age group targeted is between 5 and 16. Even engineering students are offered with special course to undergo. The robotics classes are mostly based upon advanced Robotic kit. This belongs to Lego Mindstorm EV3/NXT. The Robotics classes also offer the candidates with TechKnow Robo Kit. It is said to come with full workbook for assisting kids to create own Logical Robots.

Undergoing Robotics competition education in Kolkata only from reputed institutes like SRC has its benefits. Young students can enjoy Robotics competition course in Kolkata completely. The experienced faculty can understand the young minds and train them accordingly.

Registering for the program

If time is a constraint, then Sritech Robotics Club has made undergoing the course much easy.

On completion of the Robotics competition Training in Kolkata, the candidates can enjoy themselves. They can become robotics, mechanical or industrial engineers in the near future.

Taking Robotics competition classes in Kolkata can help them to better understand themselves. They can also participate in different competitions like South Tech Wizard, Jr. FLL, FLL, and IRO. Membership for full year, half year and quarterly is available, which can be availed by students.

SRC offers them with all the resources that would be required for enhancing knowledge. On successful completion of the course, they are provided with an authentic certification.

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